JKS has been established in Wales since 2014 and has direct lineage to the Japan Karate Shotorenmei based in Tokyo. We teach traditional Shotokan Karate as taught at the JKS hombu dojo in Japan.

Our strong ties with Japan also provide exceptional opportunities for our members, from having our Dan grades registered Japan to also having the opportunities for our members to enter Teikyo University and the World famous Honbu Dojo instructors course.

We are also affiliated to the Welsh Karate Governing Body Ltd (WKGB) which allows our members to compete in World Karate Federation (WKF) sanctioned events, such as British Karate Federation Championships, European Karate Federation Championships, Karate 1 Premier League, WKF World Championships and even the Olympics!

At JKS Wales we strive to offer all of our members an array of educational opportunities in pursuit of "karate knowledge". We have regular courses with our own instructors and seminars with top level karate practitioners and world champions for across the globe. 

                  "Since joining the JKS I have had the opportunity to train under and teach alongside some amazing karate-ka. I have fulfilled a life long dream of training with the best in the world in the Hombu Dojo in Tokyo."


                                                                                                                         - Matt Stockham JKS Wales Head Coach.

Derek Stockham

JKS Wales Chairman


 07527 503353

Matthew Stockham

JKS Wales Head Coach



Lisa O'Neil-Smith

JKS Wales Secretary


Alayne Stockham

JKS Wales Licensing Officer