DUBLIN, IRELAND, JANUARY 27th 2019

We took a small squad of 7 competitors over to Dublin to compete in the JKS Irish Open on the 27th January.  


The squad was a mixed batch of seasoned competitors and people making their debut in competition. 


We competed throughout the day in kata, Junro kata and kumite events and with only 7 competitors we walked away with 1 Gold and 4 Bronze.

The results and competitors are shown below:-


Alex Powell - Senior mens 75+ kumite = Bronze 

Ed Curtis - Debut, 16+ kata 4th kyu and under = Bronze

Jena Curtis - 16+ kata 4th kyu and under = Bronze

Cassie Davies - 14+15 years mixed kata = 1/4 finals

Catrin Manning - 16+17 years +54kgs kumite = Bronze, 16+ kata 4th kyu and under = Gold

Nathan Preece

Rhys Boyde - children's mixed kata = 1/4 finals


Well done to all competitors.  If it didn't go your way this time then work hard for the next one.


This was a great weekend which we are looking forward to repeating next year.  

I would also like to thank all the parents and travelling supporters who came over for the weekend.  Was great to have you all behind us.