How to join JKS Wales


At JKS, we know that learning never stops. Each of us, from the most experienced to the beginner, learns that by exploiting our fundamentals, exploring new methods, techniques and approaches, and always challenging ourselves to improve, we will - and should - make mistakes but will always grow, move forward and develop into better karate-ka. We are passionate about our own karate and karate development both at home and abroad. You can learn more about our approach and values ​​on this website, as well as our roots. We are fortunate to have strong membership with talented instructors and administrators, and we value each one of them.


If you want to know more about JKS Wales, you can try one of our open courses or visit an existing club and experiment with our approach and methods for yourself. Many clubs joined us after doing this. In addition, people from other federations participate in our open courses to experience training with visiting instructors, world champions and inspiring teachers.


We hope they learn from our experience because we hope to learn from them.

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