*******BREAKING NEWS*******

JKS Wales are pleased to announce the addition of Llanbedr Karate Club to our JKS family.

Llanbedr Karate Club is based in Ruthin, Denbighshire, North Wales and was founded in 2010 by Stu Needham, Dave Scregg and Phil Manning.
Chief instructor Stu Needham, 4th Dan, has been practising karate for 30 years. Stu sat his gradings in front of Japanese examination panels and has travelled to Japan on a number of occasions in order to develop his understanding of karate. He has also competed in many national and international competitions, becoming the European KWF Kumite Champion. Stu has a keen interest in coaching and watching students develop to their full potential. 
Sensei Dave Scregg, 4th Dan, has also been practising karate for 30 years; he too graded in front of Japanese examination panels. Dave has travelled to Japan to train with many of the world’s top instructors. 

Sensei Phil Manning, 3rd Dan, has been practising karate for 36 years. He has also competed on the World stage, competing in Japan and numerous other countries. Assisting at the club, Phil also utilising his skills as a trained sports massage therapist. Phil enjoys developing his techniques by studying and practising methods taught by a variety of instructors.  

JKS Wales would like to extend a warm welcome all at JKS Llanbedr and look forward to working with Stu, Dave, Phil and all their students in the future.

Llanbedr Karate